[Bug] Clip volume handle disappears when fade most of clip

Another mild PITA that I expect would be a quick fix.

When a block of audio has a fade on it, and that fade becomes more than about 75% of the length of the block of audio, the handle for adjusting the clip volume vanishes.

Even worse, if a fade reaches the entire length of a clip, then dragging the fade back often grabs the other end of the clips fade also! So you end up with the fade in and fade out stuck together and you have to madly shake them about to get them to sepaarate!

If this is ‘by design’, please change it as it’s annoying.

No one else bothered by this?


EXTREMELY ANNOYED BY THIS!!! :imp: Steinberg please address!!

Confirmed (28525)


Wish I’d reported this back when I first noticed it in Cubase 4 though :wink: