BUG: Closing original project, opening a new one: POOF!

I don’t think I’ve read of this here but I just ran into this.

If I open a project and work with it a bit, then close it out and go to open another one, the newer project loads correctly with all it’s correct tracks, etc… Perfect! However, when I hit ‘play’, the newer project disappears and the old one appears, and the audio playing is the older project. It’s like POOF! Vanished. :open_mouth:

Anybody else?

Oh, P.S. When I say ‘close it out’, I leave Cubase intact and running, and then do the drop down tab to find the new project by selecting ‘Open’, and then selecting the particular project.

Alright, like magic dust, I posted this and went back to duplicate the experience: I couldn’t make it happen! :laughing:

So, I thought about this and realized that I had gone back to 6.02 and kept using my Project Template made from 6.03 as I started these other projects. Eh, I guess maybe it’s possible there is/was a problem because of doing this? So I have since rebuilt my Project Template around 6.02 and will move forward…