Bug: cmd+down can't be mapped to anything except "Move Down to Bottom of System"


I discovered a bug while trying to remap Cmd+Up/down. Since that key command was originally held by “Move Down to Bottom of System,” I had to remap that first. Once this is done, mapping Cmd+up/down to any feature works wonderfully, as long as you don’t restart the program. As soon as you restart the program, Cmd+Up/Down no longer works for anything. What’s stranger, if you look into Dorico’s preferences, the key command mappings reflect the correct mappings that were reassigned. The craziest thing is, once you delete the reassigned mapping for “Move Down to Bottom of System,” the original key command mappings reappear! You can then delete these mappings, and Cmd+Up/Down behaves in the way that I had properly expected it to, as long as I don’t restart the program. Once I restart the program, I have to do this all over again.

The other caveat is, if “Move Down to Bottom of System” is not mapped to anything at all, my remapping of Cmd+Up/Down works as expected. It is only when “Move Down to Bottom of System” is remapped to another key assignment, while Cmd+Up/Down is assigned to another feature, where the problem exists. And to reiterate, the problem only becomes apparent once you restart the program.


I believe you’ll also need to remove the assignment of Selection and Navigation > Navigate Down Next Stave and Navigate Up Next Stave, which also have the shortcuts Command+Up/Down.