Bug Colorize selected tracks does not work

After updating to the latest release my colorize track palette on the tool bar does not work. It works for events but not for tracks. I can only colorize tracks by CTRL clicking on track number and that will only do individual tracks. Latest Nuendo build on Windows 10 machine. Never had issues with this until the update.

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It’s not a bug, this has changed…

Why change a feature that was actually useful?

“Why” should I know that?

It has not changed they wouldn’t remove the option to colorize selected tracks. It’s a bug because it no longer works. If it changed they would remove the color palette options. Anyone from Steinberg chime in

The command is Set Event/Track Color

If you have selected tracks, and no selected events or parts, this will open a palette and you can colorize multiple tracks with a click on the color.

And of course the PLE still can color tracks.

Yes, I understand how to color tracks and that is what was not working. Must be a bug in my install and why I reported it. After uninstalling and a clean install it’s back to working again. Thanks

but there were minor changes… I don’t remember them but I had the same problem some weeks ago
and can’t reproduce it any more now…