Bug? Combined Selection Tool Issue

I’ve been meaning to mention this one for quite a while… and wonder if anyone else is having this issue. Happens on all of my (Mac) computers.

  1. Process a file using DOP (I typically experience this using RX, but it happens with other plugins as well).

  2. Make offline process permanent.

  3. With Combine Selection tool, make a range selection.

  4. The Issue: range selection does not behave as expected-- rather than acting as it should, I get the “<->” rather than the normal “i-bar” cursor. And it stick there until…

  5. Workaround: select another track–Group track seems to work more dependably than an audio track, but behavior is inconsistent here, I think. Reselect the track I’m working on, and Combine Selection tool behavior returns to as expected.

I experience this a lot–almost every time, in fact-- when ambience matching large files, which I do frequently when dealing with not-so-well recorded audiobook files.

It would be nice to see this issue gone-- it’s been happening for me over at least for the life of Nuendo 11; not sure if it was there in N10.