[Bug] Comp damaged when moving events

I have a project in which I am doing some vocal comping (see attached “C6 prob 3 - Before.JPG”)

I have ended up with a blank lane (lane 3). I wish to close up this gap by moving the lower events up by a lane.
So I select the block of events in lanes 4 thru 7, bars 41 thru 50, and move them up a lane.

What happens is that some of the muted events in lane 2 (above the block I am moving) become unmuted while some unmuted events in lane 6 become muted (see “C6 Prob 3 - After.JPG”). In other words, my comp becomes scrambled. I would expect that when moving a block of events vertically in this manner that the current comp should not change at all.

It gets more inconsistent though… if I first delete the rest of the events that are after bar 55, and then try to close up the gap, the comp is preserved! (see “C6 prob 3 - after 2.JPG”) The behaviour should be the consistent, regardless of the presence of audio later on the track, IMO.
C6 Prob 3 - After 2.JPG
C6 Prob 3 - After.JPG
C6 Prob 3 - Before.JPG

Here’s the CPR file … http://www.box.com/s/by73jirhkhgppj2uon5a

Let’s hope all this ‘intelligent’ muting and laning gets preferenced out…

Meantime, you could try grouping (Ctrl-G usually) the items above and below before moving, perhaps that will keep them safe?


What result do you get if you select the empty lane, right click and select “remove selected tracks”?


Grouping had no effect. The comp still changed when the events were moved.

“remove selected track” does indeed remove the lane without disturbing the comp (but deleting the whole lane isn’t always feasible, of course… sometimes there is data further on the same lane)

I feel your pain.
I end up using the new comp in one of two ways. For long takes I do it like it’s supposed to work, audition takes, leave everything and at the end select “advanced->delete overlaps”. But when you do a bit of cycle recording here and a bit there I want to cut out the garbage first and then do the actual comping. I tend to do this section wise, cut, delete, move, repeat on the next section and so on. Then go over everything again listening to the musicality of the remaining takes, then finally delete overlaps.



Bumping this… comping is mission-critical stuff, of course.


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In case you delete your *.cpr file on box.com I will attached your demonstarting project to this post.
C6 Lanes prob 3(1).zip (957 KB)

Fantastic thanks JHP