BUG (confirmed):Arrangement Track misfunction PI**ES ME OFF!

Hi Steinberg.

I have Cubase 5.5.2 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit. Lots of RAM, lots of processor power and RAID0 hard-drive set and all that…

But - I reported you about the Arrangement Track chain not doing the downmix properly (the length of the downmixed song doesn’t match the sum of the arrangement entry lengths but instead Cubasse starts looping the project) - BUT - even more annoying bug is even way bigger:

The Arrangement Track’s chain IS NOT APPLIED to the downmix every single time, even if it’s on all the time! I have to disable it, then enable, and do the whole downmix again.

And please make a good guess that do I remember to do that every time before the downmix?? NO I DON’T! And as I’m having a huge project with 96kHz and 32-bit floating point audio + heck of a lot insert pluging + FX-tracks it just sucks noticing in the mastering project that the downmixed file is done wrong - again and again. I’m sure you can comply to that?!

When under tight schedule, it’s truly annoying to do all the unnecessary work and whole lot of waiting - just because of a BUG.

Now you confirmed the earlier bug report already but this goes well along with it. I hope you have corrected this in C6 which I’m eagerly waiting to arrive in post. If not, then please, PLEASE, check it out. And anyway it would be a courtesy by your side to fix the problem also in C5 since people are going to use it for years to come.

Thank you,