BUG confirmed: Delete Overlaps Deletes preceding event

Can we confirm this in Cubase 6.01

Start a new project
Enter Keep History mode if its not on by default
Create an audio track
Move a few bars up the project and press record and record an empty audio segment (audio 1) for 6 or 7 seconds.
Now go before the part you recorded and record another segment (audio 2). When this recording just overlaps into the next one Stop.

Now move back into the mid region of the first recorded part (Audio 1) (second segment on the screen) and briefly hit record for a second or so so that the left and right of this third part are still within the first. This creates a small piece of audio 3 on top of audio 1

Now select audio 1 and 3 together by drawing a select box around both.

Hit Delete Overlaps function (Menu->Audio->Advanced->Delete Ovelaps)

The second recorded segment (Audio 2) is now deleted and all that is kept is the end of the piece that slightly overlapped the start of audio 1

This bug nearly got me into serious trouble today as you can delete a piece of pre audio thats off screen by accident

ya, was having the same issue the last few days as well. what i ended up doing was, after having a track full of various vocal segments, selecting all the bits on the track and then hitting control D to delete overlaps. that seems to work fine. it may indeed be a bug, but that was a workaround for me.

Yes, I too can confirm this behavior (I’m not even certain that it has something to do with the new Lanes system, but it certainly doesn’t behave in this way in Cubase 5).
It certainly isn’t what I’d expect as result, so I really do hope this is a bug, not a design change.

Confirmed here on OSX too…
This is a dangerous one… :open_mouth:

Confirmed. Yikes.

Is it enough to leave it here for the moderator to pick it up or do we need to submit it someplace

would not be a bad idea to send it to Steinberg via the support form in my steinberg.

Also can confirm bug… :frowning:


reported (28528)