[Bug] Control Room MixerDelay insert does not retain the delay values past channel 12

There is an issue with the Control Room monitor retaining plugin values of MixerDelay past channel 12.
The issue is:
Insert MixerDelay into the Control Room monitor 7.1.6 or above monitor.
Set a delay value for channel 13 and 14
Save the project
Close Nuendo 13
Reopen Nuendo 13
Open MixerDelay, the values for channel 13 and 14 are null.

The issue is not the plugin but the control room registering of values past channel 13.
Inserting MixerDelay into a group 7.1.6 or above retains the values past channel 13.

I hope this helps!!

What makes this issue more important is when you are using the MixerDelay to time align monitor speakers. Nuendo 13 can now render up to 9.1.6., that means the last four speakers will not be time aligned and will throw your array calibration off.