Bug ? - 'Convert tracks' creates corrupted mono tracks

if you split a stereo track into two mono tracks the resulting mono tracks have routing issues.

Roman has provided a useful video in this thread: Which also has more details of the issue

Issue is in N10.3 N11 and C11 windows and mac. Haven’t tested any other versions :slight_smile:

Dear Steinberg! Do you have any solution?

Is there any other way to reach technical support?

hi Roman

No answer - but that’s not unusual :frowning:

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Sad, but Steinberg is a one of the company on the market which I afraid to use closer because of the Support (( Now I think twice before buying update/upgrade or something new… (wanted to buy SpectraLayers, but not now, will wait a little bit more)

EU citizens have a better Support situation, I think…

hi Roman - it’s almost certainly a bug and no, EU citizens don’t get better support :frowning:

Just to remind about… still would like to get official reply ))

That indeed looks like a bug. Not in front of my system now.
Can you check if there really is a problem with the track/plugin?
I.e. Is the plugin really behaving as it is a stereo plugin. (2 channel of which one is used)
Or is it simply a mis-labeling in the routing dropdown?

I will make sure it is bugbased.


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This is how “strange” Mono Channel works with VSS3 for example:

I just tried this with a bunch of plugins, both Steinberg native and Third Party plugins, and I don’t see that behaviour. So it looks like it is the plugin itself that doesn’t adapt itself to the new format.


Thank you for tests, Fredo!

VSS3 works fine on “real” mono track and “real” stereo track without any issues, but overloading on “fake” mono track. Next example (see screenshot): Steinberg REVelation Plugin works as STEREO on “fake” mono tracks too, yes, without overloading but we can see the difference between two similar configurated tracks. Could Steinberg fix it?

Any news? can I expect a support response?

I don’t know if this is related but i have had issues on stereo tracks converted to mono. Have not investigated completely but it seem like waves stereo plugins on such a mono track show a super loud signal on the right side metering. Loading a mono version of the plugin works fine but i’d rather always use stereo plugins to make preset management and copy pasting tidier.

Latest version on everything.

best regards