Bug copying bar with overlapping notes

I copied the two bars of the left hand in this example, and it came out altered. Instead of the overlapping notes I got rests.

Dorico only copies what you can see. If the voice column index (or I guess perhaps the Notation Option) is such that the first noteheads are not drawn, you can’t select them and you can’t copy them.

I’m not sure I agree with Dorico’s rigid rules surrounding this behaviour, but them’s the facts.

All I can say is, I disagree strongly with that design decision. It clearly leads to unexpected and unwanted behavior.

Hmm. This time one of the bars did copy correctly, but two others didn’t. Doesn’t jibe with what you said.

Even odder, you’ll notice that in the second bar, the second half of the bar copied correctly.

I’ve not experimented with it but I’d hazard a guess that Dorico’s internally showing the (visible) accidentals as applying to the upstem voice.

Ah, yes that fits the pattern.

Still, it’s an unfortunate behavior, and is forcing me to edit most of the bars I copy.

What I can say is that there does seem to be a difference depending on the way you make the selection. If you single-click the first bar and shift-click the second bar (or click the first note and shift-click the second note) then the upstem notes won’t be selected.

Instead, draw a marquee selection and I think you’ll find that everything’s properly selected.

Alternatively change your Notation Option for how voices should overlap, then change it back when you’re done editing.

Okay I’ll try the marquee approach. I tend to avoid it because I find it in accurate and I often end up grabbing more or less than I intended.