bug: correct waveforms not shown after pitch shifting

Found a bug in Cubase 9.5.10 where waveform is not updated correctly after
doing a pitch shift.

  1. Pitch shift audio via Audio -> Process - Pitch Shift. Transpose to -12 (for example).
  2. Now, the visual waveforms shown afterwards does not represent the actual audio.
    This is true for both making it permanent and Auto Apply.
    It’s a visual bug only and not affecting the audio.

It is possible to Bounce the audio once more to update the waveform.

Can anyone else confirm this also?

Yes, I have the same problem. After pitch shifting or time stretching an audio, the image is completely broken. Also the whole working with direct offline processing feels sloppy, especially when trying to widen the range of the process or adding a tail. While doing basic tasks I literally have to keep clicking away from the clip and back, to the DOP window and back, like crazy…

I have had this problem as well. AND I would say the problem goes deeper, as I found that time stretching audio will not only have substandard results (as opposed to previous versions of Cubase) but cannot be undone without the original file being corrupted. I’ve had to go back to 8.5 to perform any audio editing.

Cubase Pro 9.5.1
iMac 27" Late 2015 OS 10.11.6
32 gb ram
UA Apollo Thunderbolt Interface

yes - something’s horribly wrong


Steinberg, can you please acknowledge this so it can be fixed future update?

Starting to think the Steinberg team took an extended vacation.