[Bug] Crashes exporting long sessions offline

Hi all,

I’ve been having this issue for a long time now. It only happens when I export long sessions offline (like film works). The point is that Cubase is very stable online, but it crashes with this long sessions. The workaround is being submixing to a group and recording to a track in realtime, but it’s kind of painful.

Does anybody have the same issues?



No, I would suspect a plugin is causing it.
Does realtime mixdown work ?

I did not try it, and the crash report has no clues about it.

Well, I can tell it’s not because any plugin. Clean project, no plugins: crash.

I just did Render two separate project both around 1h30m long, no issues.
I would suggest trying a mixdown without ASIO Guard, and trying different buffer sizes.
I have noticed some strange behavior on extremely low and high buffer sizes, like 32 and 4096.

Thanks for your answer. I got it work with no ASIO Guard and long buffer sizes AND realtime. It’s not the best option, but at least it worked

Hi Antonio,

I have been having the exact same problem for quite some time and while I found bouncing real time helped, its a temporary fix. Did you ever fix this issue where you are able to bounce offline again without a crash?


I would recommend contacting Steinberg Support through your MySteinberg.