[Bug] - crashing receiving MMC


For years (and years) I have been running two machines with a copy of Nuendo on each at once. One (called Video-station) runs my video and captures my masters into a meta project, slaving in sync all day to my other machine (called Music-station) on which I compose individual cues.

These are connected by an arrangement of MTC and MMC. This computer (Video-station) is the “machine” in the arrangement, allowing me to initiate play from anywhere in the project from either machine. Hence:
Music-station sends MMC via Network MIDI to Video-station. Music-station waits for MTC to come back from Video-station. Video-station waits for MMC to arrive form Music-station and duly sends out MTC upon receiving the play command.

This is all set up in the Synchronisation panels of the two copies of Nuendo. MMC OUTPUT (both ports of which active) on Music-Station and MMC INPUT on Video-station (again both ports of THIS are active). MTC is distributed from Video-station. Music-station is set to sync to external MTC.

All works like a dream.

I know, I know, I could use system link, but this is TOO good, arming tracks across the network which I do not want. I like the simplicity of MMC.

Now, since going to Nuendo 10, Video-station keeps crashing (sporadically) when receiving the MMC command from Music-station. I have tried swapping network midi methods and drivers to no avail.

Is this a bug? Has MMC and MTC been altered in some way that I need to know about in Nuendo 10"?