bug creates huge vertical space

A couple of times, as I’ve been working in a system, when I go to do something, the vertical space in the system above suddenly goes haywire, creating huge spaces between a lower staff and the one above it, pushing the whole system into conflict with the system below it. Undo doesn’t make it go away, but rather, keeps adding space – so the only thing to do is to revert to the previously saved version.

It has happened to me twice, and reproducing the same edits does not reproduce the bug. It seems as if it might be unpredictable. This time it happened when I selected some rests to edit their appearance. The system above (not the one in which I was working) had spacing go haywire.

Is this a known bug?

David Froom

This happens to me occasionally as well, most recently about a half-hour ago; quitting and restarting the program (MacOS Sierra) doesn’t help.

That happened to me, too.
Really unpredictable and always impossible to reproduce.
Undo makes it worse, therefore I wasn’t able to go back to the previous steps. That’s was also the reason I didn’t post the issue here…

For what it’s worth - in my project, the system which was vertically messed up was the first bar of the piece. Just now I deleted the metronome mark and the formatting suddenly went back to normal.

But if I put in a new metronome mark, the vertical space gets crazy again.

I hope, when we get control of vertical spacing, either the bug will go away or we will, at least, have a means to fix the problem.

FWIW, I stumbled upon this very problem today, with a huge vertical space between Vl 1 and 2. No idea how it happened. The way I finally was able to solve it was to add a violin 3 to the flow, copy music from vl 2, delete violin 2 player, add it again, copy from vl 3, delete vl 3. Vertical spacing OK. It seems that when a player is removed and the reinstated, things go back to normal.