BUG : Cropped text in Recording Modes


There in an issue with the Recording Modes recording modes where some of the descriptive text is cropped and illegible with some languages.

The issue is divided into two parts, the first one being some text already cropped, and the other one being the text getting cropped after highlighting the mode button below.

Part 1 : Text already cropped.

recording modes cropped text

recording modes cropped text 2

Part 2 : Text getting cropped after highlighting the button below.

recording modes cropped text 3

recording modes cropped text 4

recording modes cropped text 5

It simply does that because the text is too long. When the language is set to English there is no issue, because the words are shorter and they don’t take an additional line.
Actually the whole Cubase GUI has been made to accommodate the English language exclusively.
Here in French, the text do not fit in many places of the DAW and go beyond the boxes by a few letters, or just get cropped like this, making the experience globally inconsistent.

Added to the issue list, number 34.


Could you please add more information about your system? Operating system, graphic card, screen resolution…?

Hi Martin !
I am on Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti, 1440x2560 resolution HiDPI is Disabled, all drivers are up to date.
The issue has been tested on several computers and remains the same.


Is it French language, please?

Sure I have the issue with French language, but that can happen with any other languages if the text is too long.
All of this is explained in my first post.


Reported to Steinberg, thank you.

Thank you Martin :wink:

Still present with 12.0.40.
Please just add some more space between options so that the text can fit… I bet this only takes a few minutes to fix it.