Bug: Cross-system ties and slurs in divisi changes

I don’t know if this is a known bug, sorry if it has been reported before.
I have found that ties are not managed correctly when changing form divisi to unison staff, as shown in the picture. Te bug would be not very annoying if it were possible to change the ties manually, but it is not… (all three ties move together!). I attach the file.
Thanks in advanced.

ties in divisi bug.dorico (558.5 KB)

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this bug also affects the slurs (they are not added in the divisi parts of the first system…). Thanks!

ties in divisi bug.dorico (606.4 KB)

Yes, this is a known problem. Unfortunately there aren’t especially good workarounds, other than moving the point at which unison returns later on, and manually duplicating that music into the divisi sections, but of course this can have an impact on the way that the parts are then formatted.


Thank you, Daniel.