bug cubase 10,5 - plug native

Hi everybody
I ve just upgrated on mac mojave from 10 to 10,5 and on 10,5 when I open a native plug my daw is crashing.
I must go on force to exit to cubase

The plug are not black listed in the configuration.

No prob at all on the Cub 10

Someone had this prob?
Many thanks

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your Native plug-ins are up to date, please.

Hi Martin
thanks for your reply but I’ve bought this bundle of plug in 5 days ago
this is the last versions
is it a prob of vst 2 and 3?


Could you attach the crash/dmp file, please?

I don t have a report cause cubase is blocked i’ve to go on force to exit cubase
The soft is blocked instantanely when I open a plug of this bundle
thanks foir your help


So it doesn’t crash, but it freezes, right? Are you sure there is no any dialog in the background (hidden behind other window(s)), please?

If you are on Windows, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a dump file, please.

Hi Martin
I 've tryed the plugs again and trust me I don t have a report of the crach.
The project cubas is freezed and I must go on mac force quit
I do that and I don’t have a report cause the don’t closed and eject me is freeze.

10,5 is freezes sometime when I do some zoom on zone and this is the dame issue I must do force quit…
It s very not stable

Ps : all my plug are buyed cause I m a profesionel studio

thanks for your help


Based on this sentence, I expected Cubase is really crashing.

I sent you PM with a process, how to make Cubase really crash when it`s hanging. Please attach the *.crash file back here then.