Bug Cubase 11 Freezing/Sticking Large Audio Stems When Zoomed In

The project has 3 long audio files at 3hrs each, a live festival mix, dry and crowd recording, plus a reference stem of how far the previous engineer was with it before passed to me.

When I zoom in to do things, Cubases freezes, sticks and all functions are unusable for a few seconds. This will keep happening and Cubase becomes unusable at a zoomed in level, sticking more time than not stuck.

Any thoughts? Thank you

PC W10 i7 9700k, 64GB Ram, PCIe NVMe System Drive, SSD project drive. No performance meters showing any issues.

Win or Mac?

Windows. I should of added that. Thank you.

Added now

At first I though the issue was because of large audio files but the same happens in a project with only 1 song length files. I usually scroll about quite quickly with the mouse wheel and shift/ctrl functions… but, this freezes up badly when zoomed in.

your project SSD… what kind of? And how much space is left?
Is an antivirus running?

Samsung SSD 860 evo, over half empty 287GB Free. Windows defender is Running,

I’ve copied a project to the system SSD, loaded from there and still same issue.

When I did a 16 track 2.5 hour mix, I had to turn off automatic hitpoint detection. I then started a new project and imported the audio again to be sure there where no hitpoints in my project. Worth a try.
I was using a fairly less potent computer at the time, YMMV.

Thank you. I will try that shortly.

Turning off automatic hitpoint detection didn’t resolve the issue. I wonder if it’s graphics driver related.

It’s a really annoying bug, zooming in becomes useless.