Bug: Cubase 11 sample track doesn't lock sample key and key range

I just updated from Cubase 10 to 11 and I was disappointed the new Sampler track locking mechanism doesn’t lock the sample key range.

  1. Drag an audio sample from media bay into a new Sampler track

  2. Change the key range to something other than the default

  3. Hit the lock button

  4. Change the sample either by clicking the folder button on the toolbar or dragging in a new sample

  5. Observe that the key range has been reset.

I’d consider this a bug as it’s not locked. The main reason why I would want this functionality is because I want to use multiple Sampler tracks as sort of a drum machine. I usually have a kick only on C3 and something like a snare on C#3. Then I use a MIDI track with MIDI sends to control the different Sampler tracks. However, every sample I’m auditioning will reset the key range and then all Sampler tracks play over top one another.

Does anyone know how to fix this?