Bug Cubase 12.0.40 Midi Remote Mapping Set Up (Display issue possibly!)

When creating a knob, the default setting to the right displays the 1st picture, Resolution Standard, 2 boxes we can change. When changing the Resolution type we get 2 extra boxes that appear, value min value max, when we change Resolution back to Standard, those extra boxes don’t disappear, 2nd picture… so which is it supposed to be, are the boxes supposed to be there for standard or not?

Might be a bug, might be intentional. If intentional, I’d love to read why. Thank you


You can also resize the window to see the hidden fields.

Interesting, thank you

Edit: No sorry. That is not the case. I’ve made the editor full size. Those boxes are not there by default. When we select another option, they appear for that “other” option, as a setting for that option, then they don’t disappear when reverting back to the original default setting.

I’ve made a short video here. Cubase 12 Potential Display BUG ISSUE Midi Remote Editor - YouTube

I’m not sure exactly where the…

… is!

Thank you