BUG Cubase 12 important --> after pich correction --> audio out of sync

  • I pitched my project -1 transpose in the menu Audio → Process
  • I set the time correction to poly plex formant
  • The file is in C# and I transpose it -1 (without auto apply function)
  • after the conversion is completed, ALL my audio is out of sync… maybe 1/64 1/32
    I hope this bug soon is helped when a 12.1 cubase is coming.

(30 audio files 88200 khz 24 bit in cubase 12 PC version)


Do you have Time Correction selected?

Hi @raino :slight_smile:

Dumb question here … what is the use case where one wouldn’t want the Time Correction box checked?


Sound effects, film cues

Got it, thanks, @raino .

So far out of my experIence i couldn’t even imagine that! :smile:

Wanted to point out to @waylon that there are alternative ways to change the pitch that don’t modify the actual Audio File. In the Project Window you can just select an Audio Event and change these fields on the Info Line.

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Open the media bay and look at the audio tracks and check that the all have the same tempo assigned to them before doing any pitch corrections