BUG: Cubase 13- Dragging audio file to Kontakt 5 freezes Cubase

On Windows 10. I have a 96kHz wav file sample that I want to edit in Kontakt 5. In Cubase, I open Kontakt, and turn off the “Always on Top” so I can see Kontakt when I put the focus on the Windows files window. When I drag the wave file to Kontakt, Cubase becomes non responsive.

This never happened in Cubase 12. Kontakt 6 seems to work OK in doing this.

This is what Task Manager looks like after Cubase becomes non responsive.


If the issue happens with Kontakt 5, but it doesn’t happen with Kontakt 6, I would say, NI fixed the issue in Kontakt 6. Then it has nothing to do with Cubase and it’s on NI side.

Use Kontakt 6, please.

OK. But it ONLY happens in Cubase 13. Not in 12.

This time however, Cubase finally responded after about 5 minutes.