[BUG] Cubase 6.0.3 Freezes when I try to copy|paste

Hi! Recently Ive update Cubase to 6.0.3 x86. Now I have a bug even havent before:

  1. Opening project (a massive project with jBridge on Kontakt and Superior Drummer and about 6Gb Ram)
  2. Opening Piano Roll
  3. Selecting some MIDI notes (about 64)
  4. Ctrl+C
  5. Now Cubase freezes. Its impossible to close it normally, only task manager able to kill the process

p.s. back to 6.0.2

ASUS P6T SE, Core i7 950, 12Gb, RME FF 400, Windows 7 x64, Cubase 6 x86

yep, same here. Even without any plugin at all.

I just tried your repro and I cannot reproduce your problem, all works good here.

It he’s to me earlier.

Same here, not consistent though. Usually on heavily loaded projects.

Also, Cubase 6.0.3 freezes on these heavy projects when I go outside Cubase, for example to open an explorer window etc.

I didn’t have any kind of freezing in Cubase since… I don’t really know when. Cubase has been so stable until 6.0.3.

Does anyone know how to revert back to 6.0.2 please?

I wonder if it’s related to new video performance enhancing stuff which is a difference between the latest versions of Cubase 6. People have been reporting stuff about videoengine errors.

New issue to me now…freeze or very sluggish GUI

Win 7-64 Cubase 6.0.3 64 Small Audio project no VSTi,UAD and native plugs.