BUG?: Cubase 6 uses legacy Windows XP open/save dialog boxes

Hey guys, this is an easy one to confirm :slight_smile:

I’m on PC / Windows 7x64 with Cubase 6.0x32. This particular bug is a disappointing one, especially since Cubase 6 is only officially compatible with Windows 7 yet it does not obey Windows 7 UI standards.

Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Cubase
  1. Go to File / Open
  2. Observe the legacy Windows XP style dialog box, missing favourites, clear libraries view and Windows 7 conventions

This affects all open / save dialog boxes in Cubase (e.g. Save As, Import into pool .etc)

Here’s what it looks like:
Cubase Legacy Windows XP Dialog Box.png
And here’s what it should look like:
Correct Windows 7 Dialog Box.jpg

    • Use inferior file browser or drag & drop from Windows Explorer

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Little bump, can anyone please confirm this for me? Really easy one to check :slight_smile:

I think this has always been the case…C5 is the same.

A design decision rather than a bug, I think.

bump, I beg you Steinberg, please change this! The Windows 7 explorer dialogue is so so much better than the XP dialogue and is used by 95% of Windows 7 ready software because it’s a Windows 7 standard.

Aah looks lovely :slight_smile: I HATE HATE HATE the new layout of Win7 explorer :laughing:

Yeah I’m going to have to agree with this one, it should be brought up to Win7 standards. It doesn’t have much to do with look and feel, it has more to do with the fact that if you use Win7 aliases (like Documents, Libraries, Favorites, etc), getting to those locations using the old standard requires lots of manual digging through the C:/Users/[User Name]/[Folder] hierarchy. Particularly in the case of Favorites, which could be an alias that links to anywhere – 17 folders deep for example…!

I never use those useless features anyway, the classic look is where it’s at.

Spot on. I have a Library called Production one click away where all my current productions are at. I have a Favoirute for my Dropbox where I can with one click locate and use.

In addition, with very long folder names, the XP dialog simply shows nothing in the selection.

There are dozens upon dozens of improvements that make Windows 7 explorer the best of the best (kills Finder for instance) of file browsers, and to have Cubase still using the XP dialog is a huge shame.

In addition, only being compatible with Windows 7 and yet not obeying Windows 7 interface standards can’t be a good thing.