BUG: Cubase 9/9.5 Pre-filter Lowpass automation not working/dissapearing(No Steinberg Support answer for 30 days )

Id like to report 2 problems with Cubases perfilter section in the mixer/editor(Present in 9 and 9.5):

I. Lowpass filter automation does not start working until you touch/move the lowpass knob in the channel editor :

  1. Set an automation track for lowpass in the arange
  2. Insert a few points
  3. Automation doesnt start working until you open track editor and move/touch the lowpass knob with your mouse- it can be seen when the knob changes color to green=active

As an addition to the lowcut automation problem the issue is most evident on Group tracks where automation doesnt work if track editor isnt visible.As soon as i close the editor automation stops functioning.
This issue is present on all tracks (audio,instrument and group) but its most evident on group tracks.

II. Pregain automation dissappears when moving a point to infinite value:

1.Set up pregain automation in the arrange
2.Drag a envelope point to infinite value and the whole envelope dissapears visually

Ive reported this issue in MySteinberg as a ticket about a month ago but havent received any answer from Steinberg support .Steinberg should really improve their Support ticket answering :imp: (This is the second time a ticket took that longm in v9 timeline)

windows 10 64bit Cubase 9.0.30/9.5

Try calling Yamaha office Steinberg support

I have a similar issue with the range tool now.

Not it my country unfortunatelly. Thanks

My ticket was closed without any real solutions after 36 days.They say it was resolved in 9,0.30 which clearly isnt the case since its still presnt (also in 9.5)

This has been a problem for years and has never been properly resolved

Still present in 9.5.10 though i got word from support it would be fixed in 9.5.10. I give up :angry:

Still present in 9.5.30

Same here! I have currently noticed that automation of LC/HC filter sometimes does not work at playback. But as soon as I open the EQ editor of the track it starts to react to the automation setting. I can’t say that this happens regularly, really don’t know what it depends on but it definitely happens. Very annoying when one has LC/HC filter automation on almost everything…

This is still present in 10.0.10. Highly doubt it will get fixed

Well, that´s a bit problem, cause in genres like EDM it´s pretty crucial… can’t understand the attitude of Steinberg - always developing new “fantastic” features almost in every new version (= almost every year), but being not able to repair old long-term known bugs

Yes it is a problem.The pre section is completely unusable.

I tried all the official channels of support several times but all got ignored or closed without a solution, so I dont even bother sending any support tickets because it is a fruitless process.

Not completely unusable, when you set LC/HC (without automation), the filter keeps it, at least the LC does. Just the automation sucks.

Btw. what does actually the “Pre” mean in the head of the filters?

Pre is meant as a pre fader/pre channelstrip gain.Youre right the automation part is unusable- also for the gain knob it dissapears when set to infinite value.

Not sure, but it seems that at rendering (mixdown) it works, I have never noticed that it wouldn´t be exported with the HC/LC automation being ignored. Of course at playback it´s very confusing what´s going on. I hope that guys from Steinberg are working on it :confused:

Yes, i have the same results- render works- it doesnt catchup the automation during playback.
This issue has been present since 2012 with version 7 when the new mixer was introduced, so they are working very hard to resolve it yes haha :laughing:

I take back!!! Yesterday I rendered one track (real-time export) and at one midi track the automated LC filter was NOT applied! So it is not a problem of playback only :exclamation: :angry:

Oh dear. I stoped using the filter section if there is any automation involved because its to unreliable.

Some good news. Ive sent a project to the devs/support and theyve finally managed to reproduce these issues. Hopefully it will get fixed soon for v 10.
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Well i guess not. Still present in 10.0.30