[Bug] Cubase crash on removing NI Reaktor

Cubase Crashes if I Remove NI Reaktor Instrument.
If I have Reaktor as VST effect on track A (audio track) and use it as VST nstrument on track B, Cubase crashes if I remove the Instrument.
If I remove the Reaktor VST effect on track A before I remove it from the instrument track it works fine.

Tested on OSX 10.10 and 10.11, Cubase 9.0.1 and Cubase 9.0.2, Reaktor 5 and 6.

same behavior here

Also had this once.

Cubase Pro 9.030, Windows 10, Reaktor 6

This problem is still happened on Cubase 9.5, but on Cubase 8 it’s fine.

yep…i had the same issue… i’m thinking it might be something to do with the very old 3rd party instruments i’d loaded into reaktor though as if i load polyplex (for example) i can delete the instrument without the program crashing

The problem is not on Reaktor, it is also happened if you have an empty ensemble.
This problem is not on Cubase older than 9.

I hope they will fix it soon because I can’t remove a track with Reaktor if I don’t need it anymore.

I also had a crash with 9.0.30. But this issue seems to be fixed in 9.5…

The bug is 100% still happened. In cubase 9.03 and 9.5055.
I alway have to remove all Reaktor FX bevor I can remove a Reaktor Inst… Otherwise it crashes.

Same problem here. I get a crash if I try to deactivate Reaktor as well…
Any workarounds? I’ve crazy annoying.

Yes, same problem here too. Constantly crashing when you try to remove a track.

It seems that when I start a new project it doesn’t happen.

Perhaps the bug is project specific ?

It is still happened.
Read my first post to reproduce it

I did what you outlined in your first post.
It crashed. Pretty quickly too. :slight_smile:

I’ve bumped into this problem, except not with Reaktor. The only way I could get the Project to not crash attempting to remove the offending plug-in was to remove it from the Plug-In Manager list first while leaving the track and plug in place. Then saving and closing the Project. Upon relaunching, I was able to remove the plug-in from the track (or delete the track altogether) without crashing the Project. Resaving, closing and reopening purged Project became issueless.

And after all that, reloading the offending plug-in via the Plug-in Manager worked just fine going forward.

I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but since I seem to have been successful deleting the plug and stopping the crashes attempting to do so, it might be worth trying.

This Problem is still happened on Cubase Pro 9.5.2. !!!

Just to remember, this problem wasn’t happened before version 9.0.

I’m having a very similar issue with Cubase 9.5.21. I’m running the latest OSX 10.13.4. Whenever I have a plugin of Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol loaded and I delete that track Cubase will crash. The Komplete Kontrol plugin is version 2.0.0.

Very strange and disconcerting behaviour! Still am yet to hear back from Steinberg and Native Instruments.

I’d had this problem since 7.5/8. The template i built in 7 which i continue to use and expand upon became partially corrupt over the years/updates. Every time i tried to delete what i thought were the suspected culprits the DAW would crash. After many attempts i managed to delete the offending Kontakt and Arturia instances, unassigning them from the left pane rather than removing the actual channel and made sure to do it as soon as the project had loaded, which for some reason made it less likely a crash would occur. Eventually i was able to delete the offenders and the template is stable again as is the performance.


Is it still the case? Could you share the crash dump file, please?