[BUG] Cubase crashes when exporting Loopmash with midi-info!

As my hair turned grey this weekend I need to confirm a bug with Cubase 6 when exporting a Loopmash track with midi. As I use Loopmash quite often and also record midi to select different scenes, I’m kind of dependent on this. The bug apparears when you’ve created a Loopmash track and recorded Midi to switch between scenes during playback. With no Midi information the export works fine but if the Midi data is “present”, the export stops at the very first midi note and you have to explicitly stop the Cubase process, even restart your computer.

Steps to recreate

  1. Create an emtpy Cubase project
  2. Inset a Loopmash instrument track
  3. Record some scene changes via MIDI
  4. Export the hole project or only the Loopmash track
    Result? As mentioned above, at the very first midi note, the export stops and you have to restart the computer.

I’ve done exactly the same with Cubase 5 in the same laptop, no problem at all!

Sony Vaio Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate, latest patch level
Cubase 6.0.2
Cubase 5.5.2

Unfortunately, I can’t check this at the moment but a few things do come to mind. Loopmash in C5 and C6 are different versions of LoopMash and could possibly have something to do with the problem. Off the top of my head, Loopmash 2 has many more “controls” that can be activated with MIDI keys so I am just wondering if what worked fine in LoopMash 1 is causing something strange in LoopMash 2. Also, just to confirm, it is not just the one project having the problem is it? Have you tried with a new, fresh, project?

Thanks for the reply! I also noticed that the versions differ. To answer your question, yes I’ve started with a toally clean project and as long as I don’t add any MIDI data the export works fine. As soon as there’s a tiny little MIDI information on the Instrument MIDI-track, the export fails. :frowning:

I’m bumping this as no one has actually confirmed this bug. If it’s not a bug, I have to dig in to my installation to look for some errors…

Here’s a Cubase 6 project for testing. The export should stop at 33-50% exported.


This behaviour has also been verified on 6.0.3, 32-bit.

Just try to export in real time ! It’s ok to export LoopMash with other MIDI channel. :slight_smile:

Essayez juste d’exporter en temps réel ! L’export fonctionne avec LoopMash et d’autres pistes MIDI :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Boskozz, I’ll try that tonight. :slight_smile: Although I consider this as a workaround rather than a solution.

Thanks again! It actually worked! Got a CPU overload coding 320 but it worked using 256. Saved my day, week and month actually! :smiley: