Bug? Cubase hangs when auditioning audio files

I have a strange problem when auditioning audio files in the “Import Medium” dialog box when importing to the audio pool.

To reproduce:

Open the Import medium dialog and make sure “auto play” is ticked.
Browse to a folder with several audio files (> 20).
Browse quickly through several files using up/down on your keyboard. After going through 10-20 files Cubase will stop responding for 20 seconds or so.

I’ve used Cubase since SX1 and have never experienced this issue until now. Is anyone else able to reproduce it?
It happens on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Cubase 6.

My system:
ASUS P8P67 LE motherboard, Intel I7-2600 3.4ghz, 8GB RAM, XFX Radeon HD 5750 graphics card, running Windows 7 Professional x64.

What happens if you don’t use Autoplay?

I assumed it only happened with auto play enabled, but can now confirm that it behaves the same with auto play turned off.

What kind of audio files? What samplerate, etc.?

Standard WAV-files, 44.1 khz 16bit and 24 bit…

And how big / long are the files? Could be clogging up the memory or the ram bus.
Could even be that Cubase is building the graphic files (as it does for importing files to tracks) and using the ram in the background that way. I can import live recording files maybe half an hour long and get a delay while the graphics are built.
So may be a change of behaviour rather than a bug.

These are very small files, drum hits lasting less than 0.5 seconds each… It worked perfectly up until Cubase 6, which leads me to suspect that this is a bug. Is no one able to reproduce it?

Am I the only one experiencing this issue then?

Hm. You might have to wake this up every few days or so to see if there’s any others with the problem.

Meanwhile if you get this problem and it happens that it’s the same batch of files then check a different batch to see if the same happens and then if it doesn’t trawl thru the original batch singly and see if there’s a rogue file that freezes the system.
Ignore that if you’ve tried it with lots of file sets.

Yeah, I’ve tried it with different file sets too, and there’s no pattern to which file it happens to. Thanks anyway though.

see here…