Bug Cubase V12.0.52 Build393 Win10: Midi Remote does not react fast enough to channel changes?

When you have a remote controller controlling “Volume (Selected Track)” and you select a track and immediately start moving the fader, for a second or so, the Volume of the old unselected channel is moving, before the current volume fader starts moving.

So it is not possible to work quickly. You’ll always have to wait for a second, otherwise you’ll change the previously selected channel volume.

Just tested it again and found out, that the delay of selecting the channel until the controller controls the newly selected channel varies.

Selecting another channel in the project view only causes a small delay.
Selecting another channel in the mixer causes a larger delay until the control controls the newly selected channel.

Hello bemi,

Did some ‘critical testing’ and I agree there is some ‘reaction time’, but far less than a second.
I use a Faderport V2, with a MIDI Remote script. (So not the Mackie emulation).
But, I wouldn’t call it a bug …
What controller do you use and any specs of the PC you want to share?

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Maybe it is not a second, but a few hundred milliseconds. And as I said, the delay differs. Switchen the tracks in the project windows is faster than switching the track via the mixer windows.

Never the less, I would call it a bug, since the user can expect that after selecting a new track, that sending a volume change on the selected track should not effect the unselected track anymore.

I’m writing my own controller and one of the ideas was to select a track and then performing one operation on the newly selected track. Since its done by software, sending out e.g. volume on selected track follows immediately after the track selection. The software does not know, how long it has to wait. Nevertheless, this was manual testing. I did not test, if this is a problem, when selecting the track via RemoteControl also has a delay. So I am not sure if this gets a problem.

But Steinberg should repair it. The delay is very noticeable.

Well, they won’t repair it since it ain’t broken.

But you are entitled to your opinion of course.

But what about your PC specs? Controller used?

Sounds interesting. Could you elaborate on this work in progress of yours?

It’s a windows app, that can remote control Cubase. Some parts like the mixer shall work via CC messages so you can change them all the time even if the mixer is not visible (already working with the old Generic Remote implemenation) and for the rest I capture the screen where Cubase is running and transmit it to my remote controller (Windows Tablet). Then I can interact with this image of the Cubase Host and can use Touch, Mouse and Keyboard of my Surface Pro to send user interaction back to Cubase faking Mouse/Touch/Keyboard input as if I were sitting in fron of the Cubase computer. Also found a way for some plugins to capture them, when they are in the background, but is sadly this is not working for Cubase/Steinberg windows. But I worked with Omnisphere and some other.

Sadly there is not real SDK to remote access every part of Cubase from a different application.

I am impressed.
I have a Surface Pro 3 (so you have my attention) …

Just for info: There is an iPad Cubase app that is ‘quite fantastic’ already.

Since I have no Apple shares, I don’t buy their products :slight_smile:

It shall become more than a remote controller, it shall also become a librarian/editor software my hardware synths and some kind of a performance sequencer → do something on the touch screen and it fakes me playing midi notes :wink: I can already sync to Cubase Midi clock, but the rest is still missing.

It shall somehow be a limited controller for 80ies tape machine style recording. So prepare a 16 track project on the PC and do all the rest from the remote controller. First I thought about a hardware multitrack recorder, but since in the end you would go into your DAW, I thought, create some Multitrack recorder looking UI, but use Cubase/DAW in the Background. So best of both worlds.

Maybe I am less a musician than a programmer.

This IS a bug. Before the update I did not have this issue and since the latest update, this issue makes my use of my controller useless with this delay. The idea with mapping controllers to virtual faders is to simulate a hardware desk. This is not correct behaviour…

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