BUG: Cubase12 crash on undo Audio Track creation

Title. Steps to reproduce:

  • Create Multiple Audio Tracks
  • Do something (whatever)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Z multiple times to undo the creation of the tracks (tried to show on screen but the Z didn’t show)
  • ???
  • profit

PS: I don’t know how, but it seems the thread closed itself

More discoveries about this:

  • This happens also when trying to DELETE tracks. It’s not only an undo thing.
  • The crash doesn’t happen if you delete the last track.
  • It seems the problem arises only when one of the tracks (but not the last one) is record enabled. Disabling RecArm in all the tracks doesn’t result in the crash.

Can this get some attention please? Or there’s a specific place where bug reports should be submitted?


Could you please attach attach the *.ips file?

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).


can’t reproduce it anymore after 12.0.30 update. If it happens again i’ll file the ips here

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