Bug Cubasis 3

Please update pencil not function…only 48khz function in this version not function 44.1 khz in version Cubasis 2 function pencil e 44.1 khz…mini sampler not have function edit

Please fix the pencil support, this is why I initially bought an iPad Pro and in order to use with Cubasis 2!

I need the pencil for precision edits in grids, knobs and navigation.

Now the Apple pencil does not work with Cubasis 3, I have to go back to Cubasis 2 after buying Cubasis 3 … i know there is a lot of work done in Cubasis 3, however this regression is disappointing.

Hi Jrvoe,

Thank you for your message.

We already have received reports, that the Apple Pencil does not work as expected.
The topic will be evaluated by our engineers.

There should be no issues to use the available sample rates of Cubasis 3.
However, the use of dedicated iPad devices require 48 kHz as a default in specific situations.
Pleas have a look at our dedicated “sample rate handling” article.

The MiniSampler edit function is planned to be included in a free maintenance update.