Bug: cutting note material, pastes only pedal line

Pretty straightforward: I cut a passage from one instrument, including notes, dynamics and pedal line, and when I paste it into another staff, everything is gone except for the pedal lines. I made a screenrecording to demonstrate the issue, as well as a diagnostics report.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.5 MB)

(My endgame here is that I’m moving complete staffs to their respective instruments after an XML import into an existing project, which this bug makes quite bothersome if not impossible)

You are posting the bottom staff of 2-staff instrument into an instrument with a single staff. I bet if you go to the single staff instrument and add a staff with Staff/Add Staff Below you’ll find all the music is there.

Assuming that’s the case, this one has bitten me a few times too. I’m not sure what the best solution is. You can always add the extra staff, copy into it, copy from the lower staff to the upper, then remove the bottom staff.

Probably quicker to move the music into the top staff before you cut and paste it. Select the first bar, Edit > Select to End of Flow, Alt-N.

Pedal lines are always internally attached to the top staff, so that might be playing a part here.

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Could one select the top staff of the grand-staff, filter for pedal markings and paste that onto the target staff?

This seems to work if, before filtering, one selects the upper staff and the pedal line or selects both staves (which includes the pedal line) before filtering.

Yeah, you’re right, that’s the culprit. It’s no longer a single staff, but a 2-staff copy and paste as Dorico thinks of the pedal lines as the top staff.

I think making the selection on the bottom staff as the OP did, using Filter/Deselect Only/Pedal Lines, and then cutting and pasting into the other part is probably the fastest way to go here.

Alright, this works. Thanks. It does feel like an unintentional functionality to me though, notes shouldn’t just be disappearing without notice or explanation.

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