[BUG] Cycle Follows Range Selection

i noticed: when “Cycle Follows Range Selection” is turned “ON”, Nuendo 7.0.35 will not record after you passed the “preroll” phase when you start editing with the >RANGE TOOL< during the preroll phase. Can someone confirm that?
I’m very used to have “Cycle Follows Range Selection” turned on, so it’s pretty odd to leave that off now :unamused:

Please check:
Setup preroll for X seconds
hit record
N7 will roll for X seconds and start record.

hit record again
N7 will roll for X seconds, during that just cut some parts of the already recorded stuff with the >RANGE TOOL< !
See, N7 will not punch as expected, instead it will just stay in the “PLAY” mode.

i guess it’s a bug ?!?!