[BUG] Daylight Savings Time Again. WHY ISN'T THIS FIXED?

Well, I’m booting Cubase after a daylight savings change and I see that the bug where a full rescan of VSTs happens after the clocks change between daylight and standard time hasn’t been fixed in 6.0.3.


Chris: why hasn’t this been fixed? For those of us with lots of VSTs, this can take 20 minutes or more, even on an i7 980x.

20 minutes? I have zillions of plugs and it took all of 20 seconds.

You’re kidding me. I have an i7 980x 6-core processor, 18GB of RAM, and a 7200 RPM drive. I have no idea how your plugs scanned in 20 seconds.

Running x64 Cubase. Could that be the difference??

Nope, Win7 x64, 980x, 12GB, C6 x64 etc…

I wonder if there are specific plugins that don’t like the scan process. I used to have a plug or two that pissed off Wavelab and would make it take forever to scan.

same here

Both of you have signatures that say you’re running Cubase 32bit. Maybe this is the difference. (??)

Wavelab 6/7 - Cubase VST32,SX,4,5

Mine doesn’t indicate x32? I have both installed but have used x64 exclusively for quite awhile.

Guess I read it wrong.


It takes FOREVER for me.

As I suggested, you might want to look at your plugins during the scan and see if particular ones are causing you problems.

They all seem to take a substantial amount of time. No one plugin stands out. This wouldn’t be a problem if te DST bug were fixed as it should only ever happen once.

you are assuming it is a bug, which it probably isn’t. I would guess that they use the timestamp as part of the process for identifying updated plugins. When the system time changes, the hash that identifies the plug becomes invalid, causing an across the board rescan. Since it only happens twice a year and on 99.9% of systems it takes just a few seconds, I doubt it something on the list to be addressed.

However, I’ve been wrong before.

Well we have a sample size of 3. Assuming it’s random, all you can say is that 66.6% of people don’t have a problem with a full rescan. Maybe I’ll start a poll.

This gets discussed twice a year for about 6 years. It is almost invariably a problem with a plugin. For example the waves shell used to cause major problems on rescan. I vaguely remember authorization issues caused by the rescan for some NI products.

But, only %33 of this thread is having a problem. And, since that’s a group of 1 out xxxxxxx Cubase users … I can do math too!