Bug DDP writing 10.0.70

Hello everybody,
I installed the new version 10.0.70, the DDP don’t write the informations, client, phone etc…
I had steinberg technical support by mail but it didn’t take the time to check it out, really useless, worse and worse.
Do you have the same problem ?
Pierre /// Studio Lakanal /// France

The info is saved inside the file IDENT.TXT inside the destination DDP folder.

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Sure, I should be here, but it disappears in the latest version.

Well, I just tried it with 10.0.70 with success (I tried on Windows, but I can’t imagine why there could be a difference).

Success here as well on OSX 10.15.7 Catalina

GEAR image building and premastering software, GEAR Software 2021.
Mastering order references (customer information):

  • Customer name: Customer Name
  • Customer contact: Contact person
  • Telephone number: Telephone number
  • Tapeset name: _GEAREXT
  • Origination date: 5-11-2021
  • Master ID code: 12345
  • Customer reference code: 67890
  • Disc title: test ddp

etc DDP info

regards S-EH

Thanks !
Do you have all the infos inside the IDENT.TXT file ( Customer name: Customer contact: Telephone number: etc… ). I will test with Wavelab turn in english language to try…

Thanks S-EHansson for testing ! I’m using a PC…