[BUG] DeBleed creates rogue data in section with silence (digital black)

I’m trying to use DeBleed for cleaning up live some recordings. The actual target tracks are bounces from an edited source track and contain silence (but not the bleed source track). In these parts DeBleed erratically creates some rogue data which is not displayed in the spectrogram, but can be identified in the waveform overview at the top by obvious interruptions (see screenshot).

These sections lead to full-scale bursts of digital noise which can seriously damage not only the monitoring system, but the listeners’ ears. I haven’t found a way to avoid this behaviour.

SL Standalone, MacOS 10.15.7, 48 kHz, mono.

PS: Upon re-opening the edited file the error gets displayed in the waveform:


… are reports like the one above even taken note of, here …?

IC, I take this as a “NO!!!” then.

Is this a dead product, or is it just the forum that’s not monitored?

I don’t think this is a dead product. If this is reproducible, I would make a ticket at Steinberg. The author of this program occasionally chimes in, but I haven’t seen him for a while.

I saw this only once, and it was just a single blip. But yours is different and many. Have you tried this with a different file?

Hi @Dietz thanks for reporting the issue. I don’t always monitor the forum, but I make sure to read every single message posted here.