Bug: (Degrade from 12.0.70) MCU select channel inclution

With cubase 12 you can add channels with shift keys in selected set with hold shift and press selection on your controller.

  1. Create empty controller
  2. Add a MCU.
  3. Add some audio tracks.
  4. Open mixer view.
  5. Select a channel
  6. Select a channel while holdning shift.
  7. undo the selection.
  8. Add a selection on mcu.
  9. Have the mixer view open in foreground.
  10. Press shift and select channels on your MCU.

This gives different behaviour on 12 and 13.
On 12 it works fine. On 13.0.20 it un-select the selected and select the new.
(It sucks)


Do you have the latest 13.0.20 update installed, please?

Yes. 13.0.20 (osx/intel)