BUG - Direct Offline Processing BYPASS unreliable when pre-listening

  1. Select Event

  2. Open Direct Offline Processing Window

  3. Open any plugin

  4. Dial in some changes

  5. Apply changes

  6. press “bypass” -
    -> no influence when pre-listening in the Direct Offline Processing window, ONLY in the arranger window when hitting play in the arranger window

  7. Open a second plugin in the Direct Offline Processing Window

  8. Bypass the plugin loaded just before that one
    -> now bypass is working again

So bypass is only working for all plugins loaded except the very LAST one.


Did you wait until it’s processed completely?

Yes, of course. I tried it many many times. I tried it on new projects, new audio files, different project locations, different plugins…
I can’t even bypass the Steinberg plugins.

I CAN bypass them and listen to the arranger window -> works perfectly.
I CAN’T bypass them and listen to the DOP window and pre-listen to it -> I can, but the bypass function for the LAST added plugin does never work. I can load 4 plugins and can bypass the first 3. I can load 6 plugins and can bypass the first 5. And so on…

Also, it STOPS every time I am bypassing ANY of them. I always have to hit the small PLAY button in the DOP window again -> this does NOT happen when pressing bypass while listening to the arranger window.

Please, I reinstalled my whole system. I really need this to work! I paid for this feature and really can’t explain why this is not working.
(see my other posts. I found 4 massive bugs with the DOP).

Thank you, I can reproduce it. Reported to Steinberg [CAN-19378].

The Stop while bypass is specified like this.

Big Thanks man!