BUG - Direct Offline Processing -> plugins loaded with settings from before

  1. Select Event

  2. Open Direct Offline Processing Window

  3. Open any plugin

  4. Dial in some changes

  5. Apply changes

  6. Delete Plugin
    -> I can even QUIT Cubase and start with 1. - 5. before this happens:

  7. Open the same plugin again (in the Direct Offline Rendering window)
    -> it loads with the exact same settings from last time

Even Steinberg plugins. Doesn’t matter.
This one is VERY dangerous to ears and gear!

Btw. I forgot, I’m on mac OS.10.14.

I reinstalled my system from scratch. Maybe deinstall C Pro 9.5 and install 10 again?


This is not a bug, this is great feature (I mean seriously).

Are you SURE? This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you load the last settings in the DOP window but then not in the normal mixer (if it was such a “great feature”)?

Let’s say I add a lot of gain because the audio is too soft.
Next time I open the plugin on another event that was recorder with louder levels, I can bring myself into very dangerous situations.

Are you sure this is not a bug? Because the admin from the Cubase Group on facebook told me he could not recreate this behavior. So one must be wrong obviously.


I’m sure, it’s a feature.

Direct Offline Processing was designed especially for the Nuendo users. And they are working this way. They have some favourite plug-ins/processes, they are using all the time. For example their Gain is always set to +3dB (it’s and example, I don’t know the exact value). A Key Command is assigned to this process. So if they need to increase the volume of some part, they just press the Key Command. Bump, done. If it’s not enough: bump again, done. So they don’t have to set the values again and again. This is the fastest way for them.

I asked the admin again and he said that the changes are NOT being loaded the next time - no matter what.
Are we talking about the same thing here?

Direkt offline Processing (F7).


Yes, I’m talking about the Direct Offline Process window (F7). I’m 100% sure. The Direct Offline Process function is a successor of Offline Processes. And it was introduced with Cubase 9.5 (if I’m right). Since the new Direct Offline Process, it works like this.

How is the Facebook Cubase Admin, please (I don’t have a facebook, but maybe I know him in person)? I will talk to him. :wink: One of us has to say “sorry” then. :wink:

Just to make really, really sure we are talking about the same:

  • Open Direct Offline Process window.
  • Add Process: Gain.
  • Set the Gain to +3dB.
  • Add another Process: Gain.
    => The Gain is set to +3dB. (He says it isn’t set to +3dB, right?)

Hey, I am really sorry for the mistake. The person told me that it works like you describe and how it is supposed to be then. He can’t explain why it was “different” yesterday :slight_smile: You can close this case or delete the post if you want. Thanks!