Bug: Disabling tracks irreparably breaks Quick Controls

Encountered this bug yesterday where disabling tracks breaks its assigned quick controls.

Here, I have assigned the first quick control of this track to the Filter Freq parameter of one of the track’s inserts.

Next, to save resources during recording a different part, I disable this track.

Later, I come back to use the disabled track, and enable it. Notice now that instead of 186 Hz, the value of the “Filter Freq” quick control is now “100%”. (??)

As it turns out, the quick control has now been rebound, without my knowledge, permission, or desire, to the VSTi’s “Expression” control.

It’s further upsetting that Cubase ostensibly lies about the quick control assignment - it has information here from two different controls; the name from what I chose, and the value from what it decided to switch to. Adjusting the value of this quick control adjusts the value of the new assignment, and not the user’s selection. It would be less ruinous if the quick controls were merely unbound.

Because of this, I sent this inadvertent version to a client yesterday, which could have been a real problem. I really can’t get over how buggy this DAW is. Every time I use it, I find more.

I don’t know how anyone is supposed to produce good work when users have to tiptoe around and manually handle Cubase’s bugs at all times. If I was charging $600 for this, I would be embarrassed.