Bug displays when load Groove Agent SE 5

Hi, I’m using MacOS Big Sur with Cubase 11, here what I saw when loading Groove Agent SE 5, the VST displays many bugs likes striped screen, looks very annoyed. Could anyone help me with this problem, please?


looks like you’re not alone in seeing weirdness on Big Sur:


I have this same problem with Groove Agent.
Has anyone found a solution ?

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Hi Guys,
I have the same graphical issues with Groove agent 5 and Big Sur.
It seems that Groove agent isn’t compatible with Big Sur according to Steinberg document and can suffer some graphical problems.

Check the table in the software tab

Steinberg developers - When can we expect an update?

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Same problem here, graphical glitch in groove agent with BugSur and cubase artist 11.
Also Cubase crashed out of nowhere once after upgrading, never happened before.
Looking forward for a patch from Cubase !


Same here.

Cubase and Halion seem to work fine, but Groove Agent has UI distortion.

This happens in Cubase and in standalone mode.

same issue here macbook pro 2016, Big Sur, Cubase 1.5 working fine with all plugins…cubase 11 seems to work ok, except for retrologue and both versions of groove agent.

Same problem on Big sure after upgrading Cubase 11.
Cubase 10.5 was working fine.

@Steinberg_Service please escalate and fix. Thanks

Hello there,

I have the exact same issue with Groove Agent and Retrologue. There is a distorted graphics issue. I tried everything but it seems to be a MAC OS Big Sur compatibility issue. Any news from Cubase? How long until this issue will be resolved?

Same exact issue happening to me on Mac Big Sur - when will this be fixed???

Same. Mac mini 2018 i7 16gb :neutral_face: big sur 11.1

i have the same problem but also flickering screens sometimes


Same graphic display issues for me, using Elements 11. However, I noticed the problem before I updated to Big Sur. Perhaps just uninstalling/reinstalling Groove Agent might fix it? I might try that.

Hi, same issue with Cubase and Groove Agent SE 5 in macOS Big Sur 11.2

I tried to run Cubase with the “low resolution” mode thinking that it may be a retina display glitch, but the problem persists

Checking the Download Assistant I found an update for Groove Agent 5 with compatibility fixes for Big Sur, but I have not found any for Groove Agent SE5 :frowning_face: help please!

Yes i am having the same problems with graphic issues on just Groove Agent. Hope this can be resolved soon!

Yes ! By me ist the same Sh…t. :exploding_head:

Hi guys, same Here with retrologue and also some 3rd party plugin

@davide1 @M.P @stevesadlier @jwilschrey had a similar issue… make sure you update LFO tool to the latest version and also retrologue and groove agent from the Steinberg Download assistant. Make sure you check under the Cubase category for Groove Agent SE and VST Instruments & Plugins for Retrologue.

Greetings, when I post install Groove agent standalone from the Steinberg download assistant,
It resolves the problem for me.