Bug: "Divide Track List" & Copy Paste Issue

Replication steps

1 - Divide the track list
2 - Select a track
3 - Double click an event on the track
4 - Close the Piano Roll Editor (I do this after making edits)
5 - Highlight an event or multiple events.
6 - Set the time ‘cursor’ to where you want to paste
7 - Paste the event(s)

Result: Cubase creates new tracks in the top division, instead of on the track I have selected.
Expectation: Cubase should paste to the selected track in the project window.

Current Workaround: I undo the action, select a different track. Select the original track again, and paste. This workaround is operational, but please try fixing the ‘forgetting the selection’ issue.

Thanks for all your hard work!