BUG (docs): Missing images in VSTGUI (both 4.3 and 3.6) docs in VST SDK

Documentation for VST GUI in VST SDK (including the latest has many missing images. For example this file in VST SDK:


contains these sections:

  • Inheritance diagram for AEffGUIEditor
  • Collaboration diagram for AEffGUIEditor

that contain images that are missing:

  • vstgui4/vstgui/Documentation/html/class_a_eff_g_u_i_editor__inherit__graph.png
  • vstgui4/vstgui/Documentation/html/class_a_eff_g_u_i_editor__coll__graph.png

so alternative texts (useless compared with the images themselves) are displayed instead:

  • Inheritance graph
  • Collaboration graph

It makes it harder (probably much) to learn VST GUI and figure out how it works. Please restore all missing images. Thanks.

We will fix this in the next update
Thanks for reporting