BUG: documents listed in Window menu?

Has anyone else noticed Dorico sometimes lists “one less” document in the Window menu than are currently open? (This is on Mac, High Sierra, 10.13.6.)

No, I’ve never noticed this. Please provide more details about the circumstances under which this happens.

If I open 3 documents, only two of them are in the list. If I use Command ` to cycle through the windows, there’s a spinning beachball for 2 seconds before the ‘missing’ one appears. Another beachball to open the Window menu when the ‘missing’ document is active, and the current document is still not listed: one of the others has the tick.

I’ve also seen it with 2 documents when I’ve been using tabs.

Right, I can see what will be going on here – under some circumstances, the ID given to a particular window might end up the same as the ID given to another window, so we need to use some additional information to differentiate them. Thanks for prompting me to look more deeply at it – we’ll be able to fix this in the next update.

I am seeing this behavior on Mac as well. And occasionally I am seeing 2 or 3 versions of the same file even tho I only opened one. Sorry I do not have a consistent repro.

If I go back to Finder and click on the missing file it opens right up in Dorico - as if it were already open.