[Bug?] Does the staff play alone or not?


When I select a bar from the top staff and start playback, only the selected staff is played.

When I select a bar from the bottom staff and start playback, both staves are played. I would like only the bottom staff to be played. How can I do this? Is this a bug?

I suspect it’s because you selected only the one chord in LH. Extend the selection to the next bar and it should work.

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Thank you for your reply, but it doesn’t work. : (

I’ve just noticed that if I replace the chord with an arpeggio everything works fine.

I think it’s a bug.

This is not a bug: Dorico will only play a staff on its own if you select music from more than one rhythmic position. As Mark says, if you select some music from the next bar as well, Dorico will play only the LH staff.

You need to deselect the pedal line when you select the two bars in the lower staff.

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Oh no, you’re right! (To the OP: This is because the pedal line is attached to the top staff internally, though it appears below the bottom.)

This is thoroughly confusing for users who aren’t already familiar with this issue. Daniel, is there any way to make this work as expected in this case? (Or should we perhaps expect the line-attachment issue to be solved instead?)

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(I’d’ve marked dlb’s post as Solution, but it’s up to you.)

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