BUG: DOP event focus lost at some VST3 plugins

Hi folks and developers,

with some plugins, like ToneBoosters, Tokyo Dawn Records or Accentize, the focus is very confus after leaving the DOP focus of a processed event. See the attached screenplay.

Has anybody this problem too? It’s a bug for me…

My system: Win64, N12 latest (the problem has certainly existed since N8, but currently increasingly with a lot of new plugins)

Best regards,

I’m very unclear at what you are getting at here… Can you try to explain the problem in more detail? The video just shows you selecting different events and DOP window displaying the first selected events processing chain. (I believe in multiple event selection DOP shows the first even. But the event name is at the top of the DOP window for what ever event it’s displaying the chain for…

Okay, one’s more:

A clip is selected, processed with this plugins in DOP (DOP is open)
Then I click in another area in the arrangement (in the track area, not in the timeline on the top).
And now the arrangement section change to this area, but the play cursor moves not to the new position, AND, a lot of clip are selected, even though I clicked in a gap of the arrangement and no clip should be selected.

unfortunately, this problem is reconstruct not every time, see the screenshot clip.