[BUG?] DOP RX Declicker Clicks


I’ve been noticing this since upgrading to N8, and figured it was time to write in.

1 Select adjacent, abutted audio regions with range tool (typically ambience in my case)
2 Apply RX De Clicker (I have it as a bank favorite)

A short click will appear at the cut in the right side region.

Is this happening with anybody else?



Can not repro with wav mono or stereo. Ist it multichannel files? What sort?
(Latest Nuendo on OS 10.12.)


Mono waves… latest Nuendo on 10.11.

I’m working out of town, so have installed N8 on an iMac where I’m staying. Am sticking to 10.11 here because of the High Sierra export issue noted in other threads.

Maybe it’s specific to the hardware situation here; I haven’t noticed it happening on my laptop. But it is occurring consistently on this machine…


Do you mean it happens between the two regions, or at the end of the second?

At the very beginning of the second. And now it either relieves or irritates (choose one) me to report that it’s not as consistent as I reported. Just tried to duplicate in order to do a screen shot, and it will not comply.

Will post a pic later; I’m sure it’ll show up again. Cripes.



In my experience RX is sensitive to adjacent regions/events. I have had the same experience in Pro Tools and it has depended completely on which regions were adjacent and what process I used in RX. Even though I had edited the dialog first and placed crossfades where I wanted them simply denoising or doing some other process would undo those fades and I’d then suffer clicks.

The solution has been to simply bounce/consolidate the regions/events into one file before processing.

My hunch is that this is an Izotope RX problem and not a Nuendo problem.