Bug Dorico 5.1 Editing Issues of Instances of a flow

can’t imagine that this behaviour is supposed to be like that.

I can’t imagine what the steps were to reproduce this.
It looks like they’re linked, so are these music frames put up together?

its pretty easy to reproduce.

What did you expect? You have created two music frames containing the same data.

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Honestly, that seems pretty normal behavior if you ask me.

that’s not a normal behaviour for a software, when I edit at a specific spot, I want to edit at that specific spot, not two pages before or after, without indication that something is happening.
look at that picture. there is something out of boundaries… I want to edit top right, and left bottom appears something.

that picture shows the exact same issue just more extreme. .I would expect what in every other application is happening when editing something at a specific point, even if it’s a linked, copy, instantiation, inherited or whatever. editing at the point where the user is at. not before or after. And if its not supposed to be edited there, then not even let me select that thing, so the user knows that its not supposed to be edited there, or move the view port to that spot where he can edit it. that’s really not that hard to implement… have done this kind of stuff several times myself…

You are using the software far from the boundaries any average user (including myself) will ever be using. I respect that the development team doesn’t waste too much time on these edge (useless) cases (I’m thinking of the first video, where you have a duplicate of the same flow on different frames). It’s good to learn how to deal with the way Dorico works with music chains. Only if it is to take advantage of it (as you have on your exercises sheet). I don’t understand what this is all about :person_shrugging:


Clearly you an expert programmer and I admit that I am not. But I think you are fundamentally misunderstanding the purpose of Dorico’s music frames.

u are so a calm person :slight_smile: I like that ( I mean it as a compliment. hope I used the right word)
the problem is, when you have, lets say 10 pages, full of stuff and frames and so on, and need the same thing again at that spot or an other spot, and you want to edit. u need to search for that spot where u used snippet the first time. and that’s not always easy and it shouldn’t be necessary at all. I know it’s the same thing, but u need to correct things sometimes.

I think Dorico has such great features for composing and arranging musical works. don’t get me wrong :slight_smile: and probably its a small percentage when people the, I say issue, but its an issue. Let’s say the frame on the left side under the chord diagrams of the picture would have been more at the bottom at the y axis, there wouldn’t be any indication that something happens. that shouldn’t be like this at all. maybe the dorico team wasn’t aware of that it (I call it problem) at all.

I’m still very confused about what you’re trying to do. As others have said, you are creating multiple views of THE SAME data. It isn’t a copy, a version, or a duplicate, or anything like that.

that’s not the issue… fill some pages. and one frame on the first page, and one at the last page… when u want to edit that frame on the last page… u will get no indicator that u are editing this one… couse everything is happening at the first frame some pages before. even it is the exact same thing and both frame will show exactly the same, and are the same. the great thing about dorico is that u can reuse one flow, and see the exact thing at different places… and it should be always the same thing… but sometimes u want to change this flow. and u don’t want to search for the first one.

Do you know that you can duplicate flows? I suppose that would be more the “Dorico way”. You could now work on two “same music snippets” that are not really the same… Not sure it would solve the issues you’re having. But I certainly would avoid using the same exact source at two different places. That raises too many problems for my brains :wink:

u clearly didn’t understood the problem at all. sorry. when I click a note, both notes are selected… that’s is acting how it should. couse its exact the same thing both are showing. when I edit in the first frame, every edit is shown in both frames… couse its the same. but when I edit in the second frame, the whole editing popups and everything happening in the first frame. but I am not at the first frame, I am in the second frame. that’s the whole issue. the software is not checking where he is editing. try it by yourself, if you try to change the pitch of a note, when u edit the second frame, it starts in the first frame, u can click again on the note in the second frame, and then it is reflecting that u are in the second frame. when u want to edit a chord, you have no luck, couse that pop up for chords is appearing in the first frame no matter what.

It occurs to me that u[sic] have fundamentally misunderstood the basic structure of Dorico.


hehe yeah I could, when I was starting to notice this issue really hard, I was trying to trick dorico to create a whole page of chord diagrams, and I thought… hey lets mirror that flow, so I can change the chords if I want to, and delete that second page again. XD but noooo… I can’t even see the chord popup couse it’s sitting out of the displaying range above the first frame.

I’m afraid @Janus is right (although I wouldn’t have phrased it like that)… Use Duplicate flow for these moments where you need to show similar stuff. Or you’re opening the Pandora box.

hm okay, create 3 frames, u will get shown the same flow. now u can edit the notes in every frame. u will notice, that when you double click on a note, that the indicator appears at the first frame, when u click again then it will show up in the frame where u want to edit.
then press “Q” couse u want to add a chords to the flow. The issue is now, that u can edit the Chord just at the first frame. couse the pop up is not following. but it should. so… when u are in the third frame and u want to add a chord or edit, the chord edit popup will appear in the first frame. the note editing shouldn’t need an extra click, couse in the video, u saw what happens, that the note is positioning towards the mouse cursor and when u accidentally click again the note is changed or written . do u know what I mean?

I know what you mean. Do YOU know what I mean when I tell you to Duplicate flows (setup mode, bottom panel)? Do not use the same flow on different music chains because… it’s a Pandora box?

If both versions are to be the same, what difference does it make where you edit it?

Frankly, I think you are trying to be too clever by half. How’s that working for you? If you imagine it saves you time, does it?

Just complaining that people don’t understand may feel good, but I fear that if you expect Dorico to change its behavior because you are committed to working against the way it has been designed, you have a long wait in store.

Sorry to have to say that.