Bug: Dorico resizes arbitrary staves when adding notes

I’m at wits end - The score starts in a normal state:

And then when I edit, this happens:

Note that I am adding notes 100 bars later! Is this a known bug, and is there any workaround? Happy to provide any info needed to debug, it’s killing off this project.

The usual line is to ask you to post the offending project, as it’s often difficult to diagnose from a screenshot.

This happens to me sometimes as well. If I close the project and re-open it, everything goes back to normal. It used to happen more with earlier versions- in version 3 it seems to be rare in my experience.

Please do zip up and attach the project together with the steps required to reproduce the problem, and we’ll gladly take a look.

I sent an email to you, Daniel, guessing at the correct address being your first name at steinberg.net. Thank you

D dot spreadbury at Steinberg dot de